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  1. UNSW deal for next generation solar cells to help halve cost of solar power

    As solar PV continues to smash records for rates of installation and low-cost new power generation around the world, it’s easy to forget that there are still teams of researchers working tirelessly to make the technology even cheaper and more efficient.

    Leading the global pack — as it has for decades now — is Australia’s University of New South Wales, which has just quietly announced a rather big deal with a Chinese specialist PV manufacturer to fast-track the mass production of “next generation” PERC solar cells.

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  2. Biggest wind and solar project on main grid seeks to add pumped hydro

    A New South Wales project that proposes to be the biggest single renewable energy generator on Australia’s main grid — and produce twice the output of the state’s soon-to-be retired Liddell coal power plant — is investigating plans to add pumped hydro as one of its core energy storage components.

    The 4,000MW (4GW) Walcha Energy Project is proposed for near the town of the same name, about 55km south of Armidale in the New England tablelands, by co-developers Energy Estate and MirusWind.

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  3. Groundbreaking trial transforming the future of the grid

    A small island at the bottom of Tasmania is trialling a cutting-edge future grid where the electricity network also participates as a customer — and it could have big impacts for the rest of the country.

    The vision of the CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial is simple, ‘In the future customers will have batteries. When we have a network problem the solution is already there, we just need to start paying customers to solve it for us’.

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  4. Farmers to flock to solar and battery storage, as power costs bite

    Like households and small businesses, Australian farmers are increasingly turning to renewable energy technologies to cut their power costs and shore up their bottom lines.

    But a new report from Commonwealth Bank of Australia suggests the shift to solar and battery storage in the nation’s expansive agribusiness sector has only just begun.

    According to the bank’s latest Agri Insights report, a staggering 76 per cent of all farmers, nationwide, are planning to tap solar and battery storage, as regaining control over energy costs becomes a major business focus.

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  5. Wind turbines

    Australia’s energy transformation

    Australia is in the midst of an energy transformation with crucial decisions to be made for the future of our energy system. The federal government proposed a National Energy Guarantee as an alternative policy to the Clean Energy Target (CET) recommended by the Finkel Review. The Clean Energy Council was disappointed with this change of direction as a CET was the best opportunity in years to lock in the long-term bipartisan energy policy needed to encourage investment in cleaner energy while improving system reliability and pushing down power prices.

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  6. Australian farmers making the move to renewables

    Farmers are constantly looking for ways to do things better. The innovative ways some of our primary producers are making use of renewable energy means that growing our food and raising our animals will become both cheaper and cleaner, ensuring Australia remains a global leader in agriculture. Clean energy is helping to pave the way for more independence and prosperity for our farmers long into the future. Advances in technology mean that we can do everything we could before, and in some cases, a bit extra — and the only thing we have to give up is the pollution.

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  7. The energy industry is being disrupted — and traditional firms can’t keep up

    The electricity sector is experiencing a profound disruptive shock. This is due to technological innovation including the falling costs of renewables and energy storage, along with tougher environmental policies and regulatory reform.

    These changes are most apparent in Australia, the EU and parts of North America, where once-powerful utility companies are struggling or restructuring to survive. But, as I’ve looked at in a recent report, decision-makers elsewhere are asking whether these power markets are outliers or if they herald a global shift.

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  8. Tarraleah hydropower redevelopment powers ahead

    In June, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced up to $2.5 million in funding to Hydro Tasmania to complete final feasibility analysis into the proposed redevelopment of the Tarraleah hydropower scheme in the highlands of Tasmania. The feasibility analysis is expected to cost $5.0 million in total.

    If the project is found to be technically and economically feasible, the redevelopment would more than double the scheme’s capacity from 104 megawatts (MW) to 220 MW with 20 hours of storage in one cycle.

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  9. Solar panels

    Join our sharing economy — welcome to our website

    Sustainable Tasmania is alive! Well our new website is — look around to learn more about our exciting peer-to-peer energy trading platform. The future is technology driven and across the world and even in areas of Australia, peer-to-peer energy generation and consumption is becoming the foundation of future building developments including housing sub-divisions.

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