Agribusiness Energy Co‑operative

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Supporting Agribusiness Through Renewable Energy Generation

Challenging times require innovative solutions. Working with like-minded businesses to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes makes excellent business sense.

The co‑operative model has proven highly effective over many applications, especially in agriculture, at the national and international levels.

Energy costs are guaranteed to rise and are already having a significant impact on profitability. Taking control of these costs in a meaningful way has proved elusive largely due to challenges existing within the sector.

Renewable energy is, without a doubt, the solution to rising on-farm energy costs. Harnessing power in a manner that benefits the consumer first is a key outcome of the Co‑op.

By working together, agricultural business can change the current paradigm and bring generation and consumption control back to the consumer.

The Agribusiness Energy Co‑operative is the right vehicle for you to take back control of your energy consumption costs. FIND OUT MORE

How do I get involved?

Contact Sustainable Tasmania on 1300 034 490 or register online.

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